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Netzwerk Familie

Netzwerk Familie is a project of the Sophie von Liechtenstein Foundation and the Liechtenstein Red Cross.

The aim is to support stressed parents with small children as early as possible in order to promote the healthy development of their children and prevent them from developing poorly.

Around 10% of families in Liechtenstein are under so much stress that there are risks to the child's development. The most common stress factors are mental or physical illness of one parent, conflicts and separation, immigration and social isolation as well as special needs of children (premature babies, twins, cry babies, disabilities, etc.). These and other factors can overburden parents and impair and sometimes endanger child development.

To ensure that children can develop well despite family stress, parents need preventative support as early as possible. Netzwerk Familie clarifies the needs and organizes tailor-made support from medical-therapeutic and psychosocial specialist agencies. If there is no funding for this, donations are sought. Every year, 80 to 90 parents are supported in stressful situations and helped to build a secure bond with their child.

Netzwerk Familie
Field of activity
Early help, parental support, prevention, health promotion, emergency aid
Geographical area of activity
Presidium/Management Board
President: H.R.H. Sophie von Liechtenstein Management: Christoph Jochum
Company form
Registered charitable foundation
Founding year
Postal address
House of Families, Landstrasse 40, 9494 Schaan
+423 263 60 60
Bank/account number
LGT, LI80 0881 0000 2079 0310 8
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Tax-exempt institution