Charity: the cement of our society

In Liechtenstein, charity is deeply rooted and plays an increasingly important role.

Our numerous charitable organizations and associations are at the heart of an important solidarity movement, embodying compassion, generosity and social responsibility - values that form the foundation of our society. As a recognized location for philanthropy, Liechtenstein offers ideal conditions for involvement in the common good, both locally and internationally, always with a connection to our country.

As patron of SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein, I am delighted to increase the visibility and reach of our charitable actors through this directory.

Your commitment is crucial: it saves lives, promotes education, protects the environment and supports people in need.

Thank you for your support in this important sector. Together we can make a significant difference.

SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein e.V.

I.D. Tatjana von Lattorff
Princess of Liechtenstein

Together for good

Liechtenstein is a country of associations, societies and foundations. These organizations contribute significantly to our identity and our diversity. They serve the common good, as the word "charitable" implies. This makes them not only part of our society, but also its heart and soul.

The people working in these organizations make a significant contribution to Liechtenstein's social wealth and solidarity. Their work takes place in a variety of areas such as child and youth development, culture, sport, education and research, development cooperation and family support. It is often characterized by long-standing tradition and a deeply rooted sense of community. It is of inestimable value to our country and beyond its borders.

In addition to great idealism and a strong voluntary commitment, all the clubs, associations and foundations are also dependent on financial support. What a fortunate coincidence that Liechtenstein is a country of philanthropy and social responsibility. The inhabitants of our country live solidarity and see it as a cornerstone of our community, both internally and externally.

I am delighted that SOS Children's Villages is working with "", an informative and beautifully designed directory. The directory gives charitable organizations a voice and also provides donors with a helpful overview. It makes it even easier to lend each other a helping hand.

I very much hope that this guide will help people to discover and subsidize the many facets of charitable work in Liechtenstein. Every support, whether large or small, helps to ensure that these organizations can continue to enrich lives, provide help and give hope.

This support makes a difference - today and for future generations.

Dr. Daniel Risch
Head of Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein

The 17 UN SDGs: A roadmap for a future worth living

in 2015, Liechtenstein joined all 192 other UN member states in adopting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In line with the slogan "leave no one behind", they have committed to enabling all people to live in dignity and preserving the natural foundations of life in the long term by 2030.

Central aspects of the 17 goals are the sustainable management of natural resources, the creation of equal opportunities and the reduction of disparities, as well as an economy that takes this into account and makes it possible.

Focus on the importance of people

The 17 goals are based on human rights. They place on us humans the ability but also the responsibility to implement them.

Our non-profit organizations strengthen sustainability

The organizations and associations listed in this directory make an active contribution to achieving the goals through their commitment and dedication, both here in Liechtenstein and worldwide. With their initiatives, they make a decisive contribution to strengthening local communities, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing social inequalities, thereby also strengthening and safeguarding human rights. We are all part of the solution. Together we shape the future!

Co-President Ruth Ospelt-Niepelt and Co-President Werner Pohl, SDG Alliance Liechtenstein.