Great wealth of Liechtenstein's association landscape

Liechtenstein has the highest density of organisations in the German-speaking world. Culture and music" is the number one field of activity.

The Center for Philanthropy at the University of Liechtenstein has for the first time recorded the associations active in Liechtenstein and analysed their fields of activity. According to the analysis, Liechtenstein has a higher density of organisations than Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Most of the 851 associations active in Liechtenstein are involved in "culture and music", followed by "sport and exercise" and "leisure and socialising". Other major areas are "social affairs" and "professional representation of interests" as well as "environment, nature conservation, animal welfare". A total of 17 fields of activity were recorded, including "School and kindergarten", "Health care" and "Accident and rescue services, volunteer fire brigade".

Most of the associations active in Liechtenstein are based in Vaduz (227), followed by Schaan (118) and Mauren/Schaanwald (96). The study also recorded 16 Swiss and one Austrian association in which Liechtenstein citizens are also involved in Liechtenstein matters.